LOYS Global MH

A superior investment solution: the Single Hedge fund LOYS GLOBAL MH

The LOYS AG is amongst the pioneers in the German hedge funds market. The highly anticipated initial issue of the LOYS GLOBAL MH in the Spring of 2006 had been a long standing ambition of our funds manager Dr. Christoph Bruns.


What advantages does a hedge fund provide?

The greatest advantage of the LOYS GLOBAL MH, which is a single hedge fund, lies in its investment flexibility. The share allocation is unconstrained by legal requirements. Therefore the investment decisions are exclusively based on what the funds manager deems to be most appropriate given the market and overall economic conditions.


Which competencies does the LOYS fund management provide?

The LOYS funds manager Dr. Christoph Bruns has been awarded three gold medals by the Sauren Fonds Research AG in February 2010 in the category "Long/Short Equity (long bias) Global".


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LOYS Global MH A

(as at: 2014-04-15)
159.37 €

LOYS Global L/S

(as at: 2014-04-17)
62.66 €


(as at: 2014-04-17)
21.99 €

This fund was ranked based on Barclay's list of hedge fund managers