LOYS Global L/S


Sophisticated Investing – the LOYS Global L/S

LOYS AG is a pioneer in the German Hedge Fund space. The strategy of the LOYS Global L/S can be categorized as Long/Short Equity with a long bias. The investment approach is based on taking advantage of individual underpriced stocks in the global stock markets.

What is the investment approach?

The investment universe is not limited to specific geographies or sectors; generally speaking any listed company could be a potential investment as long as it conforms with the UCITS-IV legal framework. Based on fundamental analysis the fund invests in undervalued securities. Stocks are assigned individual weights; the major criterion here is the stock’s attractiveness measured by deviation from intrinsic value. Stocks and indices can be shorted using derivatives when the Portfolio Manager identifies overvalued companies with structural problems. When there are not sufficient available or attractive investment opportunities the fund will hold cash instead.

What key strengths does Portfolio Management have?

Sauren Fonds Research AG issued 3 gold medals to LOYS Portfolio Manager Dr. Christoph Bruns in the category “Long/Short Equity (long bias) Global” in February 2010 (medals were awarded for the LOYS Global MH).


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