Succeeding with the LOYS Philosophy

LOYS invests globally in shares of significantly undervalued companies, following an active investment strategy unconstrained by fixed rules. The goal is to achieve positive absolute returns through the use of exceptional research, creativity and flexibility.

What determines investment success at LOYS

The primary determinant of investment success is the well-informed selection of individual shares (stock picking). Consequentially we deliberately aim for a detachment from specific benchmark indices.  At LOYS we make our investment decisions free from restrictions regarding market capitalization, index participation, market segments and industries.

Based on which criteria does LOYS invest

Investment decisions are exclusively based on fundamentals.  We will make an investment if and only if an enterprise has a convincing business model and management while simultaneously having a market price that is good value. We invest in stable businesses of above average quality.

How is the final investment decision made at LOYS

Besides traditional fundamental performance criteria, the assessment of the company principally includes additional research, where personal interaction with the management forms an integral part of our investigation. The direct contact is of primary importance in arriving at a well-founded, authentic opinion about the products, strategy and objectives of the company.

After the analysis of the company setting follows the identification of factors promoting positive future performance or a revaluation, which then informs the final investment decision. It should be noted that in the absence of a sufficient amount of attractive investments LOYS will maintain cash holdings to generate returns independent of the respective stock market conditions.