LOYS: conservative and independent equity  fund management

LOYS is a fund management firm based in Oldenburg with offices in Chicago, Zurich, Frankfurt and Oldenburg. The LOYS culture is characterized by independent, consequent decision-making and we are focused on using this competitive edge in the global equity fund industry. By investing their own money in LOYS funds, our owners and fund managers financial interests are aligned with those of LOYS clients. LOYS’ investment philosophy is very conservative and we manage the funds with the utmost sense of responsibility. Founded in 1995, LOYS now handles a total equity fund volume worth about 900 million EUR. As a licensed financial services company in accordance with the German Banking Act, LOYS is governed by the German Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). LOYS only advises institutional clients; we therefore recommend private investors to subscribe to LOYS funds through a bank or investment advisor. If requested, we will be happy to recommend a knowledgable advisor in your area.